"Lolalita" the airstream

an all-electric custom designed

as a tiny home or guest rental

ready to generate you cash

reduced from $110,000

now $92,775

under contract, but taking backup offers

Detailed Description
"Lolalita" was custom designed by us at Birds Creek Campground. She is stunningly gorgeous and was designed specifically to be used as a rental unit for their lucky owners, or as a luxury live-aboard. Because this Airstream was designed specifically for this, and not for “boondocking” much of the complexity of typical Airstreams have been designed out of her. These design changes radically simplify this Airstream, saving money and potentially increasing profits. More on this later in this article.
​Just imagine having a gorgeous Airstream as an extra source of income, possibly right in your own backyard. If you are unfamiliar with this concept and could use some serious extra $$ check a few of these Airstream Vacation Rental Units. Alternatively, for those seeking to live full-time in a tiny-home or RV, how would you like to do so and still eliminate many of the costs and complexities of RV living?
​To us, Lolalita is quite simply a work of art.
​The bright whites throughout Lolalita beautifully compliment the herringbone wood-grained laminate floor and mauve-colored solid wood custom cabinetry - the entire interior feels luxurious and, dare I say, happy! Likely the most common comment we hear from people first entering Lolalita is simply, "Oh, Wow!"
​In the main living area, Lolalita features a very large and comfortable gaucho-style seating area, beautiful-customized seating, lovely covers and curtains, a sound system with speakers throughout the cabin. The top storage area which contains the main stereo system has lots of additional space for more stereo tech, decorative items, etc. and is fronted with a plexiglass sliding access door and illuminating LED lighting. The main living area also provides a Samsung Smart LED TV. A large solid wood dining table easily provides dining for at least 4 and can be lowered to form a second queen-size bed for additional guests. Lolalita sleeps up to four people as well.
In the kitchen this gem includes a stainless-steel refrigerator, stainless-steel Domestic 6-bottle wine cooler, smooth black-glass 2-burner induction cook-top and a Cuisinart microwave convection oven combo. The kitchen boasts classy wood butcher-block counters, instead of using an annoyingly small sink like many campers, we installed a deep-well, gorgeous full-size hammered copper sink with a modern retractable faucet. LED lighting abound throughout the cabin of Lolalita.
​In the midsection, Lolalita has a comfortable sitting/reading area with a beautiful, custom memory foam cushion and attractive pillows.
​For the bathroom, to save space, and because it just looks so damn cool, we added a classic barn door - no door dodging in the hallway. Luxurious white solid wood cabinets with wood butcher-block counters provide storage for towels, toiletries and other necessities of life. The bathroom sink has an aged-copper look and a classic, well-style, copper colored faucet.
​By the time people check out the shower, we usually hear around our 5th, "Oh, Wow!" as the beautiful green-blue mosaic tiling comes into view. You will be hard pressed to find a shower as beautiful as this. The frosted glass window at the top of the shower area and quaint, curtained-window in the bathroom provide wonderful natural lighting and privacy.
​The bedroom in Lolalita continues the "light & lively luxury" theme created throughout the rest of the Airstream. It hosts a super-comfortable queen-size bed with a memory foam mattress on top and a large storage compartment under the bed. A couple of storage cabinets up top, a book case on one side and a quaint night-stand on the other side of the bed with a wood butcher-block top all provide lots of storage and places to set decorative items, books and phones. There are additional stereo speakers in the bedroom for relaxing to your favorite tunes. A main LED ceiling light with a frosted cover to keep the lighting relatively soft. There are reading lights on each side of the bed, and, should the moment call for more subtle lighting a string of soft white lights can be used to create even more subdued tone.
​Since we designed this unit with renters or full-time living it really feels more like a wonderful tiny home than a travel trailer or RV.
 Save Lots of Money with Lolalita
While I know that some people like to go "boondocking," many campers never "boondock." For those that aren't familiar with the term "boondocking", it means simply that you use your camper away from connection to utilities, such as power, gas, and water. Boondocking requires, depending how you do it and for how long, storage tanks for waste water (black and grey), propane tanks, expensive batteries and inverters, a place to dump tanks and refill water, possibly solar panels, and often noisy generators (which require fuel). All these features add tremendous complexity and cost (to purchase, maintain, and repair) to a travel trailer or RV. Lolalita was built either for people who want to setup a vacation rental on their own property or simply to live full-time in the Airstream in an RV park or backyard. For this reason, we “designed out” of Lolalita the RV toilet, grey and black waste water storage tanks, expensive batteries and inverter, and super-costly propane appliances, opting for electric-only, simple and reliable household appliances.
Dual-fuel (propane/electric) appliance in RVs are extremely expensive, and, in my humble opinion, aren't nearly as reliable as standard household units. In Lolalita all of the appliances are standard 110v. This means that you never have to refill propane tanks. This also means that one day, if you do have to replace a refrigerator, you won't need to spend a ridiculous $2,500 for a dual-fuel RV refrigerator and have a costly RV specialist install it. Instead you can simply purchase a much less expensive household refrigerator and replace it in minutes, just like you would at home.
Modern Airstreams (I know because I have one) use an extremely complex and costly glycol heating system. A quick search on Airstream forums will show that a significant number of owners experience problems with it (myself included in our 2017 Airstream Classic). Repairs on that system alone, once out of the meager 1-year warranty, can cost thousands of dollars. In Lolalita we chose to go with an all-electric air conditioner/heat pump and, for extra cold nights, one can use household space heaters that cost less than $100. None of these systems require propane, expensive ducting, or yards and yards of expensive and complex glycol lines and pumps buried in the walls.  Our systems are simple plug-and-play. If one ever breaks, simply toss it and order a replacement on Amazon.
The hot-water heater in Lolalita is an electric Rheem 6 Gal. 110v Water Heater 2.2 GPM. This means your Airstream isn't burning up propane (read, “spending money”) for a pilot light and water temperature regulation when it isn't being used. Simple & reliable electrical household appliances, no propane, no inverters, no storage tanks to smell-up the Airstream and/or empty, no special RV toilets which require special flushing techniques, no $300/ea. batteries and no inverters makes Lolalita a simple solution for increasing reliability and profits for a vacation rental or full-timing.
​If someone wants to add those systems back into Lolalita they certainly can do so and the folks at Moon Trailers will be able to assist you with that. But we designed her for other purposes.
Finally, if you plan to use Lolalita for your own money-generating vacation rental business (read, “have it pay for itself and put money in your pocket”), numerous guests who may rent these units but don't have their own RVs, sometimes struggle with the complexity of RV systems. I speak from experience as we rent several of them out of our beautiful Birds Creek Campground near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Every time a guest can't figure out how to flush the toilet, or doesn't know to drain the tanks, or smells up the Airstream because they do not leave a little water in the RV toilet bowl, they call us...sometimes at 3am. That is why we designed Lolalita as we did - to reduce the hassle for you and for your guests. Not only can Lolalita save you money, she can radically reduce hassle and problems for you and your guests, hopefully giving you more 5-star reviews :).
​Lolalita is a gem, folks. We are only producing two of these units for 2018-2019 and we don't know of any other units like these out there. Call us at 1-833-GO-GLAMP if you would like to make Lolalita or Woodsy your own. And happy AirBnB'ing !

Full Tear-down Restoration Technical Specs

All Electric no Liquid Propane Required
AC 110v Outlets (Gaucho and Bedroom Have USB charging Ports in Outlets)
50 AMP Panel with GFI Breakers
30 AMP Panel With GFI Breakers  
Exterior Running Lights on interior switch and direct to pigtail
Scare Light on Switch
Audio and Video
Shore power Plugins 50AMP and 30AMP
Cable Coax Exterior Hookup  
Cable Coax Living & Bedroom Hookups
7-Wire Harness with Junction Box
7-Blade Pigtail


1/2 PEX lines Color coded (RED - Hot / BLUE Cold / WHITE Inlet)
Ball Valve Shut offs through out system
City Water Inlet with Pressure Regulator
Inlet Water Filter  
Bronze Moen Kitchen Faucet
Bronze Delta Shower Faucet and Head
Bronze Delta Vanity Faucet
Hammered Copper Full-Size Kitchen Sink
2' Sink/ Shower Drain Lines with PEE Traps  and Vent Pipes
3" Main Drain line
Full Size Residential Toilet
Mosaic Tile Shower Surround
Rheem 6 Gal. 110v Water Heater 2.2 GPM

Trailer Foundation
Rust Inhibitor treated frame
Rust-Oleum Coating on entire Frame
21/32" Advantech Sub-floor with With underside Sealer
2' Rigid Foam Insulation in Floor with New Belly Pans, Flex Sealed  
R15 Rockwool Insulation throughout Interior Walls
.063 Vinyl Coated Aluminum Interior Skins  
2 1/2" Metal studs Wall Construction
5 mm Birch wall Panels
3/4" Decking
Vulkem Seam Sealer interior and exterior
3M Exterior Wrap and Seal with 10 yr. Material Warranty and 7 Yr. installation Warranty

New AC & DC Wiring
New Plumbing Lines and Drains
New Electrical Panels with New Breakers
New DC Converter
Urethane Paint Interior Walls and Cabinets

Appliances & Features
GE 3.2 Cu. Ft. 110v Fridge Freezer (Stainless)  
Cuisinart 1500 watt 1.2 Cu. Ft. 110v Convection Microwave Oven and Grill (Stainless) Domestic 12v, 110/240v 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Fridge (Stainless)
Infurion 110v 3 burner Induction Cooktop (Black Glass)  
Boss 240watt 12v BT, CD, AUX. Am/Fm Audio System  
2- 3.5" Pyle Speakers 2- 4.0" Pyle Speakers
Wall-mounted 32" Samsung Smart-TV in living room
2- 12v Fantastic Fans with Electric lids
1 - Bathroom 6" pop-out 12v fan
Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress
5" Custom Cushions Dual Padding
Herringbone Laminate Floating Floor with Quiet Step underlayment
Atwood A/C unit 15,000 BTU with Air Distribution Box
Butcher Block Countertops
3M Window Tint - Lifetime Warranty
RV Lock Keyless Entry
Custom-Built Solid Wood Cabinets (Poplar and Birch)
Soft-Close Hinges
Gas-Assist Telescoping Table Pedestal
Custom-Built Sliding Barn Door to Bath
Louvered Doors to Bedroom
Tinted Skylight
New Window Hardware
New Window Screens
Front Window Wraparound Rock Guard